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Dark Age of Camelot Experience, Get DAoC platinum at Gold.raiditem

Aimee Jiang
Dark Age of Camelot(DAoC) is a highly addictive MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The lands of Hibernia, Albion, and Midgard are constantly updated. The game has an amazing soundtrack, good backstory, and impressive lore. Across all the three realms, there are 44 classes and 19 races. 

DAoC is a class-based MMORPG and the classes play a central role in the game. All the classes are unique in the game and they bring something special to the group. A general rule is that the more group roles you have in your group, the stronger it will be. 

Understanding The Unique Roles Of DAoC

- Main Healer

It is a strong healer character but just one of these healers can exist per faction. It is best suited to keeping a group alive. 

- Main Buffer

The main buffer provides a variety of additional buffs to the group. 

- Main Tank

The main tank roles refer to the defensive part of tanking. 

- Galladoria, Hibernia

The entrance of the Galladoria is located at the base of a tree. They call it the World's end, so make sure that you level up before you think of exploring the dungeon. 

DAoC Platinum & Other Currencies

DAoC Platinum is the highest currency of the game and you will need them to upgrade your weapons and equipment. The other currencies are copper, silver, and gold.

100 DAoC Copper = 1 DAoC Silver

100 DAoC Silver = 1 DAoC Gold

1000 DAoC Gold = 1 DAoC Platinum

To progress and level up faster, you can buy DAoC platinum. The trade skills or secondary skills like metalworking, leatherworking won't help you too much. You will need DAoC platinum to excel. 

To Sum Up

Dark Age of Camelot has a large number of characters, classes, and areas to keep the gameplay exciting and fun. From the glaciers or hills to dungeons or dragon zones, you will face challenges at every step. Make sure that you start making friends early in the game. 

The game is much more fun to play $k3&f5f in the groups rather than solo. Don't forget to use the DAoC platinum or other currencies to level up and upgrade. Make sure that you have plenty of time available to you as the game is highly addictive and new areas are constantly added to the realms.