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[url=https://www.5mmo.com/cheap-dofus-kamas/][b]Cheap Dofus Kamas[/b][/url] Last month with the first announcements on DOFUS Dungeons a poll was conducted to find out which classes the players wanted to use on this new type of server. The 8 classes available are finally known.

Classes are categorized into 3 basic game types.
For the sake of ease of understanding gameplay and readability of the fighting some features have been removed.

The characters will have 7 main characteristics naturally increasing with the level: Vitality Water Air Fire [url=https://www.5mmo.com/cheap-dofus-kamas/][b]Safe Delivery Dofus Kamas[/b][/url] Earth PA and PM.

Depending on the equipment chosen it will be possible to orientate or optimize a character in 11 secondary characteristics: Tacle Leakage Resistances% Final Damage Reduction Critical Resistors Pushing Resistance Damage% Critical Damage Damage Push Damage final,% Critical Hits.

Wisdom and prospecting are suppressed. The initiative is limited the leader of a group will determine the order of combat the system of initiative will be applied only to the enemies.

Other features may be able to offer spell effects or bonuses / penalties from allies / enemies but not to make them available. This will be the case especially for reach care withdrawal PA / PM etc.

Each character will have 3 elementary channels so as to propose modes of play single element bi-element or tri-element.

Damage Dealer
The players chose the Ecaflip with 50.10% of the votes and the Sram 47.43% in addition to Iop and Crâ.

The other classes obtained the following results: Rogue - 30.17% Osamodas - 26.35% Huppermage - 25.46% and Ouginak - 20.48%.

It is the Féca that convinced the players to 44,35% and which therefore joins the Sacrier.

The other classes obtained the following results: Pandawa - 36.39% and Zobal - 19.26%.

The Enutrof wins the race with 36.61% of the votes and so joins the Eniripsa.

The other classes obtained the following results: Xélor: 32.15% and Sadida: 31.24%.

However if the game is successful and successful other classes can be implemented later.

https://www.5mmo.com/cheap-dofus-kamas/ online now...so welcome!